International Cafe  Grand Opening at Shonan Campus
Let’s enjoy English!

On September 16, Doutor Coffee Shop in Shonan campus was reopened as International Cafe. The entire shop, including its patio is an “English Zone”.

The purpose of this cafe is to provide students and neighbors with a space where they can enjoy communicating with each other in English.

All the menus and posters are written in English and orders are only taken in English. CNN news is broadcasted inside the cafe, and international exchange events will be held occasionally.

Chancellor Kiyoshi Yamada delivered a welcome address at the Grand Opening Ceremony. He said “for those who think their English is poor might feel uncomfortable coming to the cafe, but don’t hesitate to come. When you were asked: ʻWhat would you like to drink?’, you can simply reply by using broken
English. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Come to the cafe and enjoy English conversation.”

Following Chancellor Yamada was Mr. Kenji Hashimoto, Director of Administration Department of Doutor Coffee Shop, who gave his own welcome adress. Finally, Dr. Naoto Yoshikawa, Assistant Chancellor for Global Initiative, introduced the concept of the International Cafe.

After the ceremony, Chancellor Yamada ordered a cup of coffee and a hot dog in English, and students followed. The students ordered in English as well. They chatted with their friends and the friendly baristas in English.

The students said “I’m happy that Tokai University made such cafe within the campus because we don’t have much chance to speak English even though we want to,”“I think we can learn something by just putting ourselves in this English environment,”“Just ordering something in English and experiencing success would give us a confidence in English,”“ I could order by using simple English and body language. I want to come again.”

(Photo1) After the ceremony, Chancellor Yamada ordered a cup of coffee and a hot dog in English, as the first customer.
(Photo2) Grand Opening Ceremony


インターナショナルカフェ 湘南校舎にオープン


オープニングセレモニーでは山田清志学長が英語であいさつ。「英語が話せないという人は不安に思うかもしれませんが、ここに来ることをためらったりしないでください。“What would you like to drink?”と聞かれたら、片言の英語で返答しても大丈夫。間違うことを恐れる必要はありません。コーヒーや食べ物はもちろん、多くの人と英語での会話を楽しんでください」と話した。続いて株式会社ドトールコーヒーDSC統括本部東日本第三運営部の橋本健治部長があいさつし、最後に吉川直人学長補佐(グローバル推進担当)がインターナショナルカフェの概要やコンセプトを紹介した。